5 Ways a Social Media Manager Can Bring in More Leads & Save Your Sanity

Guest post from Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré

You’ve invested in strong content, but it’s dead in the water. No movement. Nothing more than a puff of wind once and a while from Spam traffic. You thought if you wrote it, they would come.

But they didn’t.

You need someone to get the trade winds moving in your favor, so you can finally connect your great content with your audience. This isn’t a job to hand to a kid – even if they know all about social media. Because effective social media marketing requires more than just understanding how to use the tools. It requires strategy, psychology and creative intuition to connect with your audience, cultivate relationships, and grow leads who love you.

Here’s what hiring a professional Social Media Manager can do for you that no one else can.

  1. Get your content noticed – by the right people
    Getting your content noticed is a tough job on social media because there’s just so much content out there. All the time. Social media channels are flooded with blog posts, commentary, deep thoughts (and not so deep), and images, all competing for the same scrap of attention. A professional social media manager can create eye-catching images that stand out against the noise because they understand that they’re not trying to get everyone’s attention. They’re trying to get your ideal customer’s attention. So they create and curate specifically for that target audience, essentially singing a siren’s song only they can hear.
  2. Curate to build relationships – not shouting into the void
    Social media strategy for the uninitiated seems to go like this:
    You post and post and post, shouting into the void, and not even an echo answers you back. Posting content multiple times a day is not a strategy, and it won’t get you very far. But a social media manager will curate with a purpose: To build genuine relationships between your brand and your audience. Effective curation isn’t about what you’re selling – it’s about what your brand and your audience have in common. Common passions, common interests, common enemies and common friends. Isn’t that how any great relationship starts? Finding what you have in common, and celebrating it together.
  3. Capture your unique voice
    Part of building relationships is to define your unique brand voice, giving your brand a human personality that people can relate to. Social media curation and creation is how your brand speaks to the world, but in a Casual Friday way, dressed down, hanging out, and grabbing a drink. The social media manager knows it’s not their voice that counts, it’s about crafting a brand voice people will get to know and love every day. This requires attention to detail, consistency, and strategy.
  4. Understand color psychology
    Color directly speaks to and evokes emotion, and when your social media manager combines an artistic eye with psychological principles, they can use the very colors of social media images to provoke a response. It’s about more than making the CTA red. It’s about understanding the emotional needs and wants of your target audience, and using color to meet them where they are. Do that, and you’ve got their attention.
  5. Support your content
    Social Media curation is about more than posting your content all over the internet – it’s about supporting your original content with complimentary content that works together to tell a story, or teach a lesson or both. Your social media manager should work with you to strategize social campaigns that support your blog content, email content, newsletter and offers – but in ways that aren’t “selling” as much as sharing. After all, you don’t sell to your friends. But you do share with them. Most often, when social media “isn’t working” it’s because someone confused selling with sharing. The bottom line is… it’s not you

The reason your content isn’t getting page views and garnering leads isn’t that it isn’t good. It’s because it’s not getting seen by the right people.

Don’t drive yourself crazy shouting into the void, waiting for someone to notice. Hire a social media manager who can quickly and beautifully fill that void with your ideal customers and use your excellent content to turn them into buyers – and friends.

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